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Revolutionizing Teen Wellness with Essential Life Skills to navigate their daily lives.

For Teens

The app includes interactive modules and games that focus on developing critical life skills such as decision-making, emotional regulation, and stress management.

Offers self-help tips, exercises for managing anxiety and depression, and information on how emotions affect behavior. It also features mindfulness and relaxation exercises to practice self-care.

  • The app provides factual information about the effects of various substances, share stories from peers about the consequences of substance use, and offer guidance on how to resist peer pressure.
For Parents

Parents can access articles, videos, and guides on understanding teen behavior, mental health issues, and signs of substance abuse. This resource helps parents identify when and how to intervene.

The app includes tips on how to talk effectively with teens about difficult topics like drugs and mental health, promoting open and non-judgmental conversations.

  • A directory of parent support groups and resources for professional help, enabling parents to find community support and counseling services.
For Teachers

Teachers can access VIBE CHECKUP curricular materials,  lesson plans and activities that integrate life skills and mental health education into the classroom setting.

The app offers training modules on recognizing mental health issues in students, understanding the signs of drug use, and responding appropriately to students in distress.

Resources on how to foster a supportive classroom environment, encourage student engagement, and handle sensitive topics could be provided.

  • Holistic approach involving parents, teachers, and community
  • Three-way communication among students, parents, and educators or health professionals
  • Access to VCU Mobile App for continuous support

Global Sustainable Partnerships

Founded on the rich legacy of enhancing community health and empowerment,
GSP recognized the urgent need to address the inequities exacerbated by the
pandemic. These include heightened stress, anxiety, and isolation among youth.

In response, GSP harnessed its resources towards creating meaningful change, becoming
certified Mental Health First Aid trainers and establishing the first approved
Teen Mental Health First Aid Implementation Site in Maryland. When traditional
methods failed to reach those most in need, GSP strategically leveraged its
expertise and community trust to launch VIBE CHECKUP.


The First Approved Teen Mental Health First Aid Implementation Site in Maryland.

5 Afterschool

VCU is implemented in 5 MCPS afterschool programs, impacting students, parents, and teachers.

World Mental Health Day

GSP was honored to receive a Proclamation for World Mental Health Day from the Montgomery County Executive Marc Elrich and Montgomery Council Member Laurie-Anne Sayles on October 10th for our work in Montgomery County.